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Maybe I'm the One - Music from Starring Clara Bow
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Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess: Clara Bow

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Starring Clara Bow, (the It Girl Musical) is the fascinating musical story of Clara Bow's remarkable rise to "Fame and Fortune" as the biggest star of Paramount Pictures during the late 1920's and how she became the world's first silent film sex symbol.


Brooklyn-born Clara came from abject poverty and was determined from an early age to become a movie star. Her mother was mentally ill, and her father an idle alcoholic, who rarely worked. Somehow, Clara managed to scrape together enough money for photographs and with them, she entered a popular movie magazine's "Fame and Fortune" beauty contest, and won. The winner was promised pictures in the magazine, a part in a movie and an evening dress. Little did anyone realize, this was the first step in what would become an amazing, if short-lived, career in Hollywood pictures. Clara made it through the talkies transition and was a highly paid and in-demand actress, who eventually turned her back on Hollywood at the remarkably young age of 28. 


My long time writing partner, Composer Barry Fasman, and I have written a show that takes the theater audience through Clara's incredible life from the age of 16 until her passing at the age of 60 in a Culver City bungalow, a nearly forgotten star.



BBC Documentary about the original It Girl Clara Bow, a cinema sensation who broke box office records and became one of the greatest stars of the silent screen. Amid scandal and ill health she retired for good at the age of just 28. Once the Queen of Hollywood, now lar...

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