Inspired by old Movie Fan Magazines from the 30's and 40's,  I decided to paint a series without all the sensational text that busied those covers, opting to make POP art out of their lush saturated colors and pastel hues. Original oils and Giclee prints for sale on this site. You can also order coffee mugs and tee shirts.

I did a series in oil based on Cowboys, Indians and Outlaws after I became fascinated with Lucien Freud. I love faces. I met many of these people and some I did from photography.  Available oils on canvas and also a series of Giclee Prints and posters, coffee mugs and tee shirts are available for purchase.

Pop Romance is a Roy Lichtenstein inspired series but also a tribute to my Dad who was a very talented cartoonist back in the 40's and 50's. I have a twist on it, a lot of the underlying issues in romance and how men and women view things differently.  Giclee Prints, coffee mugs and tee shirts available for sale on this site.


Details coming soon...